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Happy Mother's Day 2022! Mothers are a fundamental pillar of our life, for all the love they have given us, for all the support and advice. For that reason and for many other things, we want to thank them for everything they do for us every day. And it is that for many years that pass, those phrases that have repeated us have been burned into our memory and we have them present at any time. They have taken care of us, they have spoiled us and they have been there when we needed them. And that as my mother's food, there is none! So from Orange, we want to keep them present more than ever and let them know that we will remember their phrases throughout their lives. This is how the technology led by women advances Did you know why Women's Day takes place on March 8? Omai tells us her origin, which takes place in 1908, in this video dedicated to women in technology and introduces us to pioneers such as Ada Lovelace , the first computer programmer in history a

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Proverbs About Mother - The wisdom of the people about Mom

Mom is the most dear and intimate person in everyone's life. To our mothers we owe all our lives, and they are embarrassed to take a bow. 

Times change, the roles and positions of women in society are revised, but the main purpose remains unchanged - children. The birth and upbringing of a child is a very important, time-consuming and long-term period in the life of a woman. Love, caress and care of the mother are endless and unselfish. This is something little that a person can reliably rely on in this unsteady world. 

Mothers are dedicated to songs, films and poems, churches, schools and hospitals are built in their honor, proverbs about mother scatter throughout the country and passed down from generation to generation 

10 Reasons To Honor Your Mother

Hotel Mama
For years, your mom washed and ironed your clothes without batting an eyelid. Washing clothes isn't the most fun thing - but your mom spent countless hours ironing her favorite pants or having clean shirts for school.
Taxi Mama
Remember the many times that you wanted to visit friends, but this was only possible through the parents' delivery and collection service. Or when you couldn't get away from a party and you were glad that you were picked up.
Crying shoulder
If you had an argument with someone or felt depressed, there was nothing better than talking to your mother about your grief.
How many times have you spoken to your mom about school or office stress? You could rely on your mom, on an open ear, a constructive conversation and a nice cup of coffee.
Before you could afford to buy your own clothes, who helped you get your clothes? Mom and her pocket money were there! Kind motherly generosity often allowed you to buy things you wanted. Whether it was the new jeans that friends were also wearing. She bought you even if you thought you were making a fool of yourself. She only gave her opinion because she loved you so much.
Restaurant mom
Where there is a mom there is something to eat. Every mom would walk naked in the streets rather than see her children hungry. For all lovingly prepared meals, midnight snacks, cups of tea, school bread and comforting dinners - mothers of the world, we adore you!
Mom is there
Your mom is there for you when you are not there. Who cares about children, animals and plants in your absence. When you can't because you are working or on vacation? If your mom lives near you, she will be happy to help you - without asking for a cent.
Children's birthdays
The Confetti team loves every party - but especially children's birthdays. All those years with clowns, magicians, party favors, fries and noodles, games and birthday cakes would have been nothing without your mom's hard work. This doesn't stop when you get older - when you get married, your mom will help you organize the big day safely.
Good advice
Mothers love to give advice. This bothers us when we are younger, but when we get older we realize how important it is. Mothers are often right. This is particularly true when it comes to separations. Your mother will then definitely say: "You were too good for him / her and somehow, he / she doesn't know what he / she is giving up." Wise words indeed.
Birth day
We can only celebrate our birthday because our mother gave birth to us.
Remember that she was nine months pregnant with us and had to endure hours of pain to bring us into the world. Your life is a wonderful gift and the person who gave it should be thanked regularly. If you had taken many hours to give birth, you would also like a little recognition!
is the most important thing of all. Your mother and father are the only people who give you unconditional love. If you feel down, if you're feeling bad, be happy that there are people on the planet who love you more than anything - your mother and your father.
Give you back a piece of your love.

I Love My Mom Images With Quotes

mothers images and quotes

Mothers images and quotes

Pictures of mothers love

Mom's heart is a crystal vase 

The mother's heart is full of love and anxiety for her child from the moment she finds out what the baby is waiting for. Even when the "toddler" achieves venerable age, the mother does not cease to love him and worry about him. No wonder there is a proverb: "For a mother, a child of up to a hundred years old children."

happy mothers day quotes

Happy mothers day quotes

No matter how rich a person is, closer and more dear than mother, there can be no one else. Especially acute attachment is experienced in childhood, when the child is defenseless, self-dependent, then the attitude to the world is laid. In the people, maternal love is compared to the warmth of the sun, affectionate and vital to everyone. Proverbs about my mother laconically, but very accurately convey the warmth of the mother's attitude: "The bird is happy in the spring - the baby of the mother"; "When the sun is warm, with the mother - good." Life - a very difficult thing, resentment and bitterness often we deliver to those who are most in love. A wounded native man is much more painful than an outsider. But mothers suffer, forgive, step over pain, swallow tears, because they love their children: "Mother's heart for wax children, the heart of children for mothers of stone." 

mothers day images for whatsapp

Mothers day images for whatsapp

The word "mother" warms even the most "hardened" soul. Mom is always with her child, she is his guardian angel: he laughs, is sad, sick, learns, knows everything together with the baby. Never will be happy a mother whose child is sick or unhappy. Of course, there are mothers who are not slaves, there are women who refuse motherhood. God alone judges such women, and only he knows how bitterly they will regret what he did. The happiness of motherhood to a woman is given by nature. Not only is man capable of loving and caring for posterity, all animals do, so life on earth continues. As they say: "The blind puppy and the one to the mother crawls." 

happy mothers day images and quotes

Mothers day images for Facebook

Stepmother It does not always work out the way it should be. It happens that the place of mother in the life of the child is occupied by another woman for objective reasons. Proverbs about mother and stepmother also affect such cases: "Mother and beats, as strokes, and the stranger strokes how he strikes." 

happy mothers day images free download

Mothers day images for whatsapp dp

Even if a woman puts all her soul into a child, she feels as if she were her own, and she does not spare her strength and time, if the child is grateful and loves her, yet she will always be a stepmother: "The stepmother is good, but mother is not native". However, there are proverbs about the stepmother more optimistic: "Not every stepmother is a foe." 

It is very difficult to love and raise another's child, but if a woman does it with all her heart and according to the laws of God, she is worthy of respect and responsive care. 

happy mothers day images

Free happy mothers day images


The mother in Russia is called the most expensive, important, sacred in the life of every person: mother, mother nature, Motherland. These are the concepts that people value that give life and shelter. Proverbs about mother, Russian folk proverbs about the Motherland and nature are familiar to everyone from childhood: "Motherland is a native land, a stranger is a stepmother"; "One person has a native mother, one has a homeland." In Russian culture, family, motherhood and the Motherland are very important. Patriotic upbringing sometimes gives slack, but in general, the authorities are monitoring the mood of the younger generations. Very important in the issue of education are historical feats, glorious stories, stories about the homeland and heroes, fairy tales and proverbs about mother for children as for the future of the country.

free happy mothers day images

Pictures of mothers love

A family 

No one will argue that a child should grow up in a family. A family is where the path of a person begins and where he can return, where he is always expected and will be happy. People say: "The land without water is dead, and a man without a family is a vapour".

pictures of mothers love

Mother love images with quotes

The family is friendly and strong - this is happiness and the most cherished desire of every person on the planet. Proverbs about the family and mother firmly entered our speech. Folk folklore contains a huge number of vivid and precise examples: "What a treasure, if in the family of harmony." 

mother love images with quotes

Mother love images hd


 Parent's house, care, attention, advice - the older a person becomes, the more expensive these concepts are to him. Proverbs about mother, family, parents always took their place in folklore and found a response in the heart of a Russian person: "Who was not the father himself, does not know the price to his father"; "Parental blessing on the water does not sink, it does not burn on fire". 

Proverbs about mother for children, of course, will be incomprehensible to very small children. But the older the child becomes, the more he becomes aware of their meaning. The appearance of their own children makes a person better understand the parents and appreciate their care. 

mother love images hd

Love u mom images hd

Take care of your parents while they are alive ... 

Proverbs about mother and father are woven from the wisdom of the people. Times change, technological progress moves forward, a person develops, and the main values ​​remain. And not only the values, but also the sadness of mothers are transmitted from century to century. Children grow up, start their own families, live with their cares and visit those who gave them life less and less often. This is the grief of the mothers of all generations and countries: "Take care of your mother, as long as he walks on earth, but how he lies in the ground, then it's too late"; "Without my mother's native and the flowers do not bloom in color"; "Do not leave your father and mother in your old age, and God will not leave you."

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