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Happy Mother's Day 2022! Mothers are a fundamental pillar of our life, for all the love they have given us, for all the support and advice. For that reason and for many other things, we want to thank them for everything they do for us every day. And it is that for many years that pass, those phrases that have repeated us have been burned into our memory and we have them present at any time. They have taken care of us, they have spoiled us and they have been there when we needed them. And that as my mother's food, there is none! So from Orange, we want to keep them present more than ever and let them know that we will remember their phrases throughout their lives. This is how the technology led by women advances Did you know why Women's Day takes place on March 8? Omai tells us her origin, which takes place in 1908, in this video dedicated to women in technology and introduces us to pioneers such as Ada Lovelace , the first computer programmer in history a

Heart Touching Mother Quotes With Images | Beautiful Facebook and Whatsapp Status for Mom

Beautiful Mother's Day sayings for Mother's Day 2022

Beautiful Facebook and Whatsapp Status for Mom 

In the modern world it is difficult to imagine life without social networks. "Twitter", "Classmates", "Facebook" " Whatsapp"and many other sites provide an opportunity to communicate freely to people from different cities and even countries. In turn, social networks can not be imagined without different sayings that help to show the mood, the state of the user's soul. Beautiful statuses about your mother can often be seen on the Internet - on the pages of people. And this is not surprising, because my mother - the closest, dear and beloved person. 

Social Media Status about my mother

beautiful, with meaning and depth Of course, the most precious person in this world needs to be spoken with all tenderness and love. Mental and beautiful statuses about your mother, you can choose the following:

You would also love the best , inspirational short mothers day quotes sayings from son or daughter.

facebook status for mothers day

  • My dear mother, my dear mother, you are the best in the world, I know for sure. 
  • Always understand, always forgive, when I'm sad - and you're sad. You say the words of support. "You will succeed," you say. 
  • Only you will tell me the secret, how in life I will take a successful ticket. 
  • Even when we are wrong, only my mother will always support us and understand us. 
  • My fancies forgive everything, because you love, you adore. And you say: "My bloody." Mamulya, very much I appreciate you. 
  • Mom is a person who does not sleep when we are sick, anxiously sitting at the door when we rest at parties. She trembles in her heart and presses her grandchildren to her bosom, while becoming younger.
whatsapp status for mother and daughter

  • Moms are the strongest people. Do not believe me? Try to offend their child. 

  • My mother is very kind, but if they offend me, she'll tear them all to shreds. 

  • Mom, even in tears and sadness, will wither his eyes and feed him deliciously. 

  • Really sincere, forgiving everything, only mother loves. 
mothers day quotes 2018

  • She will close her eyes to resentment, pretend that she does not hear my words. Therefore, I appreciate her very much and for her sake everything is ready. 

  • Mom is the only person who will accept us rich and poor, good and evil, successful and stupid. She just loves us. 

  • You really begin to appreciate parents when the children themselves appear.
short status on mother 2018

  • Mom's work is the most difficult and priceless. Only she can give self-confidence, support morally in a difficult situation and drive the sadness out of our heads. 

  • Such statuses about mother, beautiful, with meaning, will help express the depth of the emotions that have flooded and thank the closest person. 

  • Loving statuses about mom's day beautiful and interesting 

Happy mothers day wishes

The one who gave life is worthy of the highest praise. The very minimum that we can do is write beautiful statuses about my mother on the main pages of my social networks. To the attention you can take the following sayings:

  •  The most important thing is for Mom to be healthy. And everything else - we will reach and get.
mother and child relationship quotes

  •  Mom is our most faithful companion in life. When we are having fun, then she also laughs. if it is sad to her, then she will not show her mind so that we do not worry. 

  • The strongest are moms. They are ready to turn the mountains, if only the children were well.

  •  Do you still think that my mother did not want the last piece of the cake you wanted to eat? She refuses herself in everything, if only the child was better. 

  • She is the most important woman in the world. No one will ever replace it for me. She's a friend, she's an adviser - dear, beloved, my mother. 
mother images quotes

  • She, like the sun, shines through life. It is more expensive not to find a person. Always inspires faith in us. Mommy, thank you for that.

  • The closest girlfriend, counselor, luminary. Thank you heavenly forces for the fact that such Mamuls have been awarded. 

  • The best girlfriend is not found. My mamusichka - I no longer need anyone. 

Such beautiful statuses about your mother can be entered on the main page of the social network. Let everyone know that you have ineradicable support, a person who is ready for anything for you. 

mother love images with quotes

About my mother in verse | Mothers day messages in English

 You can write a status about your mother and daughter. Beautiful phrases, both short and long, will be appropriate. And you can put a deep meaning, fully showing emotions, writing a poem about my mother: 

Mother day images pictures


There is no closer man, Which life gave. He looked at us endlessly, I taught my mind and reason. I'm ready for everything, Overcome all obstacles Love and affection of my mother - My best reward. 


My mother is the best . Thanks to her, I know what success is. She taught how to live in this world. Helped in love to solve all the issues. Thank you, dear, dear. You do not have the prices, my dear, 

whatsapp status for missing mom

Short status on mother

It is not necessary that the beautiful statuses about my mother are long. A few words can sometimes reveal the whole essence of emotion:

  • Mom, like a tank, for her there are no barriers to the success of her own child.
  • She is gentle and kind, will always support and give strength.
  • For the sake of my mother, I just have to be the best. After all, she is worthy of a successful daughter. 
  • Mom, I promise to become like you always wanted. Successful, beloved and skillful.

Let your beloved mother always feel your gratitude and trembling attitude. Do not be afraid to show emotion and depth of feelings. 

Best wishes for Mother's Day

On Mother's Day 2020 May 10th, it's a great opportunity to wish all mothers a happy Mother's Day! We have the best collection of Mother's Day greetings and wishes to provide you with a wide selection to help you find the perfect words on that special day.
  • Thank you for always being there, mom. I wish you a nice mother's day!
  • I wish you all the love and happiness you deserve. I hope you have a nice Mother's Day!
  • Happy Mother's Day, mom! Thank you for looking after us so well. I know it has not always been easy! We love you!
  • May your day be as wonderful and perfect as you are. Happy Mother's Day!
  • Thank you for being such a great mother, teacher and friend. Happy Mother's Day!
  • You will be loved, cared for and valued. Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful woman!
Find the perfect words to wish your mother a happy Mother's Day. b
Whether you're writing a greeting card, Facebook post, or texting to your mother, we have a lot of inspiration so you can really celebrate your mother and thank her for helping you in life.
  • Beauty and reason, you are more than that, you are a great mother, heroine and loving friend from the beginning.
  • Thank you for your never ending love and support mom! I hope your day is full of love and happiness.
  • Mom, thank you for never disappointing me! Happy Mother's Day!
  • My deepest wish for you on Mother's Day is that you are healthy and happy and love every single day.
  • I cannot thank you enough for all your selflessness and sacrifice. I love you, mom!
  • Happy Mother's Day, mom! I couldn't be more blessed to have a mother like you.
  • You up to an angel, you make everything more beautiful, and you are one of the dearest mothers I know. I am so happy to be your friend. Happy Mother's Day
  • I wish you a very special Mother's Day. Thank you for always being there for me!
Few roles in society are as essential but as little valued as that of a mother. Being a mother is a continuous, busy and exhausting life, although it can be one of the most rewarding. Whether it is your wife, your daughter, a friend or your own mother, they contribute immensely to society and the future of humanity in many ways.
  • I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day! You are the best mother I could have asked.
  • May my mother's day be filled with as much happiness as it brought me to my childhood.
  • Because of you there is me. Happy Mother's Day!
  • To the best mother in the world: Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being a chef, consultant, taxi driver and the best all-round mother in the world.
  • The most amazing mother in the whole universe ... you are! Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for being so great!
  • Mum, you are the best! Thanks for everything you do. Happy Mother's Day!
  • Happy Mother's Day to the best mother ever. I love you to the moon and back again!
  • Thank you for giving me the best things in life: your love, your care and your delicious food. Happy Mother's Day!

Wishes for Mother's Day from the daughter

  • Your love is like a rainbow that brings color to my world. I am such a happy daughter. I love you mom!
  • I am honored to be your daughter, I am proud to have you as my mother. Happy Mother's Day!
  • You are a great mother and a good friend, thank you mom for loving and supporting me. Happy Mother's Day!
  • I hope to be a mother like you. Strong, loving, devoted, inspiring, wonderful and cool! Happy Mother's Day.

Wishes for mother's day from the son

  • I am thankful to you. I love you. I need you. I'm counting on you. I am so happy to be your son. Happy Mother's Day!
  • It's the day you can sit back and relax. Let me take care of you today. Happy Mother's Day!
  • There is always love in everything you do. How did I become such a happy son? Happy Mother's Day, mom!
  • For my wonderful mother, who is very tolerant with a son like me: I LOVE YOU! Happy Mother's Day!

Funny Mother's Day wishes

  • Congratulations on being the happiest mother in the world because you have such a good looking, intelligent and incredible child. Happy Mother's Day!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I have the craziest, strangest mother, could I trade a mother like you?
  • Mom don't tell dad, but you're way cooler than him! Happy Mother's Day!
  • Thank you for raising me crazy and spoiling me wildly. I wouldn't be the AMAZING person now if I wasn't yours, mom

Happy Mothers Day for all mothers out there

  • Happy Mother's Day for you and for all mothers out there. May all your dreams and wishes come true!
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, a mother is like being a superhero.
  • I wish you all the love, health and happiness you deserve. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the world!


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