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Mother's Day 2021 Sayings That Make Mom Happy ❤️

We are happy to give away a card for Mother's Day.  But what do you write in there?  Best beautiful Mother's Day sayings.  We have a few heartwarming ideas for you! Come Home for Mother's Day 2021 The second Sunday in May is  Mother's Day  !  Traditionally, on this occasion we like to drive "home" - that is to our parents' house - with a delicious  Mother's Day cake  in our luggage  .  Mom is waiting with a smile on her face.  Sure, she's happy when the daughter visits again.  And we?  We also enjoy spending time with our mother, of course.  Because if we are honest, we spend far too little with her.  But there are ways to show her how loved you are in every situation - whether distant or close.  Mother's Day Sayings - Lines that warm the heart Often we cannot express how much our mom means to us.  So it's a nice idea to  include  a pretty card with  the  Mother's Day gift  .  What's in there?  Loving quotes,  Mother'