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Mother's Day 2020 Sayings That Make Mom Happy ❤️

We are happy to give away a card for Mother's Day. But what do you write in there? Best beautiful Mother's Day sayings. We have a few heartwarming ideas for you!

Come Home for Mother's Day 2020

The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day ! Traditionally, on this occasion we like to drive "home" - that is to our parents' house - with a delicious Mother's Day cake in our luggage Mom is waiting with a smile on her face. Sure, she's happy when the daughter visits again. And we? We also enjoy spending time with our mother, of course. Because if we are honest, we spend far too little with her. But there are ways to show her how loved you are in every situation - whether distant or close. 

Mother's Day Sayings - Lines that warm the heart

Often we cannot express how much our mom means to us. So it's a nice idea to include a pretty card with the Mother's Day gift . What's in there? Loving quotes, Mother's Day poems or a saying that shows our mother: I love you!
Sure, it is anything but easy to conjure up the perfect Mother's Day saying or Mother's Day poem. Where in the world do you start - and where do you end? But don't worry: if you don't have a poetic streak, that's no shame either. We have put together the most beautiful Mother's Day sayings for you - from different poets and personalities. They all have one thing in common: they warm the heart!

2020 Mother's Day Sayings: What Matters?

Ultimately, it's not about texting pages of Mother's Day sayings or Mother's Day poems, but just a saying that says: Thank you for your motherly love, for your sacrifice, and everything you did for me, mom! The poems in our gallery are not individually tailored to your mother - but they all come from the heart and we are sure that they fit your mom. The most important thing is that the content comes from the heart!

Do I need a card for the sayings?

Of course it is better if you write the poems or the Mother's Day sayings on a Mother's Day card - but you can of course also email them, write them via WhatsApp or recite them on the phone. Sometimes we just don't manage to visit our mother on Mother's Day - and in very stressful times we may miss getting an envelope to the post in good time. 

The most important thing is the time together!

Honestly: No matter what you give your mothers for Mother's Day. No matter whether you have thought of a bouquet of flowers, a poem or another surprise on the occasion of Mother's Day: The most important thing is that you take time for your mother on that day - on the phone or, of course, best in person. And by the way: The most beautiful thing you can say to your mom as Mother's Day greeting does not need a template. This is because : "I love you, mom!" ❤️

"The greatest happiness in life is the belief that we are loved." Victor-Marie Hugo"

"The mother's love for her children is a bridge to all good things: in life and forever." Folk wisdom"

The best Mother's Day sayings: blind understanding
"Mothers understand what children don't say!" Jewish proverb"

The best Mother's Day sayings: Thank you for your love!
"With a childhood full of love, you can endure the cold world for half a lifetime." Jean Paul

The best Mother's Day sayings: Motherly love is peace
"Motherly love is peace. It does not need to be earned or earned!"

The best Mother's Day sayings: Mothers create the good in the world!
"The pride of this world is the work of the mothers. "Maxim Gorki"

"A child without a mother is a flower without rain." Indian saying"

"The future of the child is the work of his mother." Napoleon Bonaparte"

"No matter how often people go astray, they cannot miss the way back to their mother's heart." Anton Wildgans"

"There is no place in the world where one would be safer than in the arms of the mother. "Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf"

"No wisdom that can be taught on earth can give us what a word or a look of the mother gives us. "Wilhelm Raabe"

"No one can replace a mother, so you should cherish her with all your heart." Ebenwald again"

"A happy mother is more blessing to children than a hundred educational textbooks." Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi"

"There is only a very selfless, very pure, completely divine love. And that is the mother's love for her child." Georg Moritz Ebers"

"The best thing about me, I got it from you Mom!" Peter Rosegger"

"The best way to bring up a child is to give it a good mother." Christian Morgenstern"

"When everyone gets tired - a mother's strength never dies." Richard Fedor Leopold Dehmel"

"A mother's heart is an abyss, in the depth of which there is always one thing: willingness to forgive." Honoré de Balzac"

"My mother had a lot of trouble with me. But I think she enjoyed it." Mark Twain"

Mother's Day Sayings |Happy mothers day sayings for friends 2020

Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May. This day is considered a proper holiday by many families and is a great opportunity to thank his mother for all of the sheltered years, the time spent and her everlasting love. Various customs have evolved over the years, in which the children celebrate their mother for this special event. With the necessary dedication and creativity, wonderful Mother's Day greetings and individual gifts can be created.

Latest Mother's Day sayings
Here you will find the last five entries from our archive.

I owe everything I am or what I hope to become to my mother. I love you, Mom!

Author: Abraham Lincoln

In a nutshell, honestly clear: Mother, you are wonderful!

Author: Unknown
 Category: Sayings for Mother's Day
Not only for today's Mother's Day celebrations - you are also the very best! Much love for Mother's day!

Author: Unknown
 Category: Sayings for Mother's Day
I hope that my Mother's Day greetings will reach your heart. Even if I can't be with you this time on Mother's Day, you can be sure of my thanks for the many years.

Author: Unknown
 Category: Sayings for Mother's Day
Who loves me and will always love me,
no matter how much I change or
let myself be guilty of something?
You, my mother! That's why I love you!

Author: Thomas Carlyle
 Category: Mother's Day Sayings

Sayings for Mother's Day
Sayings for Mother's Day, which are enclosed with a small gift, are a special surprise and contribute to a successful festive day.
The day begins with a lovingly arranged breakfast for your mother. An excursion with the family into the countryside can then make the day a special experience. Everything is prepared to show your mother that you love her and that she is grateful for her years of care. The memory of that day remains alive in thought.
The written word, which you can express in the form of sayings on Mother's Day, is also memorable and timeless. A few nice lines, rhymed or in prose form, bring joy. Mother's Day sayings should be cheerful and cheerful and memorized forever.

Mom, what I wanted to say to you: you are like a toilet brush. Everything is shit without you! Love your son.

Author: TB01
Hello mom, love you, want to hug you tight, but if you want a kiss from me, you have to bend down.

Author: Milena Marie Stelzer
On a special day,
a particularly warm greeting,
to a very special person,
I'm very particular in my heart '.
Happy Mothers's Day!

Author: unknown
Everything good, great, beautiful of humanity undoubtedly originates from maternal influence.
And I would like to thank the best mom in the world for Mother's Day in particular. I love you very much!

Author: Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel
I have long outgrown being a child, but I still like to think back. So I would like to thank you very much today for sugar-sweet happiness! Thank you for being there, mom!

Author: unknown

Dear mom one thing is true, you were always there for me!
I thank you for the party, because you are the very best!

Author: unknown
There are many mothers on earth here, but one is the best and it's mine!
Happy Mothers's Day!

Author: unknown
If you are nice and kind like you, thousands of hearts fly to you every year.
Much love for Mother's day!

Author: Tamara Erimodafe
The mother's heart is the most beautiful and captive place of the son even if he already has gray hair -
and everyone in the whole world has only one such heart.

Author: Adalbert Stifter
Mom, you can play many roles. But nobody can do your part.
Much love for Mother's day!

Author: unknown
Dear mom, that's for sure, you are just wonderful!
I wish you happy Mother's Day.
I love you!

Author: Sarah Rauber
Dear Mommy,
I love you to the moon and back.
Happy Mothers's Day!

Author: Lea
Dear mom, you are always there, yes, you are so wonderful!
Therefore I thank you for all the beautiful and take your hand until the end of my way.

Author: Vivien
Dear mom, I know that I like you and not just today on Mother’s Day. Because every day it comes to my mind that I'm so happy with you. You like me too and take me like I am, that makes me happy! Your

Author :?
On a very special day,
a very special kind greeting,
to a very special person that
I have very special in my heart.
Thank you for everything, mom!

Author: unknown

Dear mom, hopefully one day I can give you back the love and strength that you gave me. I love you!

Author: unknown
Dear mom,
Jean-Baptiste Massillon said: "Gratitude is the memory of the heart." I'll never forget what you've already done for me. I can only sincerely thank you for that and they say we love you very much!

Author: Jean-Baptiste Massillon
There is only a very selfless, very pure, completely divine love. And that's the mother's love for her child.
I would like to thank you for that today, dearest mommy!

Author: Georg Moritz Ebers

The Historical Development of Mother's Day
The special day of honor for mum has been known in Germany since the 1920s. The extent to which it is celebrated depends on the tradition of the family. In some families, only short Mother's Day greetings or individual Mother's Day sayings are given. In other families, the event becomes a family celebration with gifts and delicious food. Mainly the mothers should feel honored on this day and thank them for their achievements and work. Mother's Day is also celebrated in many parts of the world. There is a tradition in the USA that a daughter invites her mother to a fancy meal. Anna Jarvis is considered the inventor of Mother's Day. She distributed red carnations to mums on Mother's Day (United States Mothers Day). She also put white carnations on the grave of her own mother.

How do you congratulate on Mother's Day?
There are many different possibilities here - no matter whether sayings, poems or other attentions. It is important that everything comes from the heart. Depending on the age, the child may, for example

  1. Take care of breakfast,
  2. Buying flowers,
  3. To make a loving gift
  4. or write a card with a creative saying or poem.

Poems and sayings on Mother's Day are particularly suitable for congratulations . They summarize the child's love for his mother in a few words. There will probably be no mother who is not happy about loving sayings! Whether the slogans for Mother's Day are written or copied here only plays a minor role. Shortly before the second Sunday in May, various greeting cards with pre-printed sayings for Mother's Day are also available in stores.
Children also often make small gifts for mom in kindergarten or school.

How do I write the perfect Mother's Day saying?
Mother's Day sayings can cover many topics. Above all, you should come from the heart. Personal things or character traits can be included in the saying. So the saying is perfectly matched to your own mom and becomes unique. The subject of love should be the main theme of a Mother's Day saying. Because it is the most important thing in a family and welds it together.

Even if you don't have a great talent for writing, you can make your mother happy with your own saying. A saying is simply the most personal and beautiful gift for Mother's Day. Because: It is not the gift itself that counts, but the effort that is put into it.

Tips & tricks for beautiful Mother's Day sayings
In this section, we provide a few tips that can be helpful when creating Mother's Day sayings.

For example, there is the option of wrapping a saying in the form of a letter that is handed over to Mother's Day. The writing style should not be chosen too formally but should impress with great attention to detail. In addition, the letter should not be too long so as not to lose focus.
Another option is rhymed sayings or mother's day poems . These make a special impression and remain in the memory for a long time. Here are a few short rhymes that deal with the topic of Mother's Day, love, family or thanks. But it can also be a great experience that was discussed with the mother.
It is important that all important key points are compiled before writing. If you think about life with your mother, you can quickly think of many things that can be written about. Our Mother's Day sayings can of course also serve as inspiration.

The internet makes communication extremely easy these days. Whether via Facebook, WhatsApp and Co, you can reach people quickly and almost anywhere. On Mother's Day, however, you should neglect this medium and hand over to your mother traditionally written sayings, poems or other texts. This creates closeness and underlines your own intentions.

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Happy Mothers Day 2020 Quotes Images for Whatsapp ,Facebook, HD Wallpapers and Inspirational Photos

Proverbs About Mother - The wisdom of the people about Mom

Mom is the most dear and intimate person in everyone's life. To our mothers we owe all our lives, and they are embarrassed to take a bow. 

Times change, the roles and positions of women in society are revised, but the main purpose remains unchanged - children. The birth and upbringing of a child is a very important, time-consuming and long-term period in the life of a woman. Love, caress and care of the mother are endless and unselfish. This is something little that a person can reliably rely on in this unsteady world. 

Mothers are dedicated to songs, films and poems, churches, schools and hospitals are built in their honor, proverbs about mother scatter throughout the country and passed down from generation to generation 

Ideas reasons mothers day confetti

10 Reasons To Honor Your Mother

Hotel Mama
For years, your mom washed and ironed your clothes without batting an eyelid. Washing clothes isn't the most fun thing - but your mom spent countless hours ironing her favorite pants or having clean shirts for school.
Taxi Mama
Remember the many times that you wanted to visit friends, but this was only possible through the parents' delivery and collection service. Or when you couldn't get away from a party and you were glad that you were picked up.
Crying shoulder
If you had an argument with someone or felt depressed, there was nothing better than talking to your mother about your grief.
How many times have you spoken to your mom about school or office stress? You could rely on your mom, on an open ear, a constructive conversation and a nice cup of coffee.
Before you could afford to buy your own clothes, who helped you get your clothes? Mom and her pocket money were there! Kind motherly generosity often allowed you to buy things you wanted. Whether it was the new jeans that friends were also wearing. She bought you even if you thought you were making a fool of yourself. She only gave her opinion because she loved you so much.
Restaurant mom
Where there is a mom there is something to eat. Every mom would walk naked in the streets rather than see her children hungry. For all lovingly prepared meals, midnight snacks, cups of tea, school bread and comforting dinners - mothers of the world, we adore you!
Mom is there
Your mom is there for you when you are not there. Who cares about children, animals and plants in your absence. When you can't because you are working or on vacation? If your mom lives near you, she will be happy to help you - without asking for a cent.
Children's birthdays
The Confetti team loves every party - but especially children's birthdays. All those years with clowns, magicians, party favors, fries and noodles, games and birthday cakes would have been nothing without your mom's hard work. This doesn't stop when you get older - when you get married, your mom will help you organize the big day safely.
Good advice
Mothers love to give advice. This bothers us when we are younger, but when we get older we realize how important it is. Mothers are often right. This is particularly true when it comes to separations. Your mother will then definitely say: "You were too good for him / her and somehow, he / she doesn't know what he / she is giving up." Wise words indeed.
Birth day
We can only celebrate our birthday because our mother gave birth to us.
Remember that she was nine months pregnant with us and had to endure hours of pain to bring us into the world. Your life is a wonderful gift and the person who gave it should be thanked regularly. If you had taken many hours to give birth, you would also like a little recognition!
is the most important thing of all. Your mother and father are the only people who give you unconditional love. If you feel down, if you're feeling bad, be happy that there are people on the planet who love you more than anything - your mother and your father.
Give you back a piece of your love.

I Love My Mom Images With Quotes

 mothers images and quotes

Mothers images and quotes

Pictures of mothers love

Mom's heart is a crystal vase 

The mother's heart is full of love and anxiety for her child from the moment she finds out what the baby is waiting for. Even when the "toddler" achieves venerable age, the mother does not cease to love him and worry about him. No wonder there is a proverb: "For a mother, a child of up to a hundred years old children."

happy mothers day quotes

Happy mothers day quotes

No matter how rich a person is, closer and more dear than mother, there can be no one else. Especially acute attachment is experienced in childhood, when the child is defenseless, self-dependent, then the attitude to the world is laid. In the people, maternal love is compared to the warmth of the sun, affectionate and vital to everyone. Proverbs about my mother laconically, but very accurately convey the warmth of the mother's attitude: "The bird is happy in the spring - the baby of the mother"; "When the sun is warm, with the mother - good." Life - a very difficult thing, resentment and bitterness often we deliver to those who are most in love. A wounded native man is much more painful than an outsider. But mothers suffer, forgive, step over pain, swallow tears, because they love their children: "Mother's heart for wax children, the heart of children for mothers of stone." 

mothers day images for whatsapp

Mothers day images for whatsapp

The word "mother" warms even the most "hardened" soul. Mom is always with her child, she is his guardian angel: he laughs, is sad, sick, learns, knows everything together with the baby. Never will be happy a mother whose child is sick or unhappy. Of course, there are mothers who are not slaves, there are women who refuse motherhood. God alone judges such women, and only he knows how bitterly they will regret what he did. The happiness of motherhood to a woman is given by nature. Not only is man capable of loving and caring for posterity, all animals do, so life on earth continues. As they say: "The blind puppy and the one to the mother crawls." 

happy mothers day images and quotes

Mothers day images for Facebook

Stepmother It does not always work out the way it should be. It happens that the place of mother in the life of the child is occupied by another woman for objective reasons. Proverbs about mother and stepmother also affect such cases: "Mother and beats, as strokes, and the stranger strokes how he strikes." 

happy mothers day images free download

Mothers day images for whatsapp dp

Even if a woman puts all her soul into a child, she feels as if she were her own, and she does not spare her strength and time, if the child is grateful and loves her, yet she will always be a stepmother: "The stepmother is good, but mother is not native". However, there are proverbs about the stepmother more optimistic: "Not every stepmother is a foe." 

It is very difficult to love and raise another's child, but if a woman does it with all her heart and according to the laws of God, she is worthy of respect and responsive care. 

happy mothers day images

Free happy mothers day images


The mother in Russia is called the most expensive, important, sacred in the life of every person: mother, mother nature, Motherland. These are the concepts that people value that give life and shelter. Proverbs about mother, Russian folk proverbs about the Motherland and nature are familiar to everyone from childhood: "Motherland is a native land, a stranger is a stepmother"; "One person has a native mother, one has a homeland." In Russian culture, family, motherhood and the Motherland are very important. Patriotic upbringing sometimes gives slack, but in general, the authorities are monitoring the mood of the younger generations. Very important in the issue of education are historical feats, glorious stories, stories about the homeland and heroes, fairy tales and proverbs about mother for children as for the future of the country.

free happy mothers day images

Pictures of mothers love

A family 

No one will argue that a child should grow up in a family. A family is where the path of a person begins and where he can return, where he is always expected and will be happy. People say: "The land without water is dead, and a man without a family is a vapour".

pictures of mothers love

Mother love images with quotes

The family is friendly and strong - this is happiness and the most cherished desire of every person on the planet. Proverbs about the family and mother firmly entered our speech. Folk folklore contains a huge number of vivid and precise examples: "What a treasure, if in the family of harmony." 

mother love images with quotes

Mother love images hd


 Parent's house, care, attention, advice - the older a person becomes, the more expensive these concepts are to him. Proverbs about mother, family, parents always took their place in folklore and found a response in the heart of a Russian person: "Who was not the father himself, does not know the price to his father"; "Parental blessing on the water does not sink, it does not burn on fire". 

Proverbs about mother for children, of course, will be incomprehensible to very small children. But the older the child becomes, the more he becomes aware of their meaning. The appearance of their own children makes a person better understand the parents and appreciate their care. 

mother love images hd

Love u mom images hd

Take care of your parents while they are alive ... 

Proverbs about mother and father are woven from the wisdom of the people. Times change, technological progress moves forward, a person develops, and the main values ​​remain. And not only the values, but also the sadness of mothers are transmitted from century to century. Children grow up, start their own families, live with their cares and visit those who gave them life less and less often. This is the grief of the mothers of all generations and countries: "Take care of your mother, as long as he walks on earth, but how he lies in the ground, then it's too late"; "Without my mother's native and the flowers do not bloom in color"; "Do not leave your father and mother in your old age, and God will not leave you."

To show your Love to Mom here is the list of Mothers Day Gifts that can make you special infront of mum

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Happy Mother's Day 2020 Wishes Sayings and Poems

Mothers day cardSince the first half of the 20th century, the mothers' day to honor her has been celebrated every year on the second Sunday in May. The children often delight their mums with small home-made gifts; bouquets are a popular gift for adults. But no matter whether flowers, chocolates, perfume or other attentions - a lovingly selected card with personal greetings or congratulations, a nice saying or a sensitive poem is simply part of Mother's Day! You can find suggestions for extraordinary greetings and congratulations on the following page.

The card for Mother's Day wishes

The following applies to the greeting card, especially on Mother's Day: home-made is always well received! Even if you don't feel particularly talented, you can still use scissors, pens, glue and paper - the main thing is that the card is designed with love! Hearts and flowers in all variations are always popular motifs, but cute photos of children or symbols of luck such as beetles and shamrocks are also suitable for warm Mother's Day greetings.

Personalizing the Congratulations

Mother's Day cards should always be labeled by hand. A beautiful fountain pen or a colored pen express the special nature of the occasion. But even a crayon can look very cute, as it immediately makes you think of your first attempts at painting. For Mother's Day, the most important thing is to say thank you. A short wish, a nice saying or a personal verse express how much the mother means to the writer.

Poems for Mother's Day


Mother is the most beautiful name, on the wide earth. Tenderly, often he is called, quietly from the children's mouth. It is only spoken softly when the heart is anxious and sad. Seeking help, often called when the need is pressing, the pain. If the mother is herself, tired and old from work, the mother name remains holy, then think back and give her support. Protected, protected for a lifetime, that's why I say today on Mother's Day, for your kindness and loyalty, thank you, thank you. "

Mother if it weren't for you

We would never have been washed and mostly not combed, the stockings had holes and the shirt would be dirty.
We eat fish with honey and cauliflower with cinnamon if you don't make sure that everything works and is right every day.
We would have wet feet and teeth black as soot and skin full of plum jam up to both ears.
We couldn't sleep either if you didn't comb again and take us in your arms before we dream.
And nevertheless! Are we all a burden sometimes
? What would you be without children? Be glad that you have us !!!
by Eva Rechlin (* 1928)
My dear mom, I want to give you something. You can already imagine what I want to say to you: I wish you happiness and happiness, the sun should laugh at you! As best as I can and I always want to make you happy.
No bird sits in fluff and moss in its nest as warm as I do on my mother's lap, on my mother's arm. And my head and foot hurts, all pain disappears, the mother kisses me and presses me to her heart.
I know that I like you and not just today on Mother’s Day. Because every day it comes to my mind that I'm so happy with you. You like me too and take me as I am, that makes me happy.
Mom, you, I love you, want to hug you tight. If you want a kiss from me, you have to bend down!
Mom, mom, it's time! Today I give you time. Time to sleep and read - the last Mother's Day was nice too?

Voucher for Mother's Day

The voucher, which can be redeemed at any time,
should be valid for a whole year.
1 house cleaning… is done by (Barbara)
1 trip into the countryside… by (dad)
with an invitation to the pastry shop;
best to redeem in May!
1 bouquet of flowers picked by the youngest.
1 new dress - will be bought before Pentecost!
1 dance class for South American dances.
1 summer vacation with a trip across the border.
10 dishes in one season.
4 new garden chairs for the balcony…

So happy

I would have loved to make a beautiful song about your love, your faithful manner; The gift that always keeps watch for others, I would have loved to wake at your price. But as I have become more and more minded, And as I may put the rhymes, The floods of my heart flowed over it, The gentle waves of the song destroyed me. So accept the simply simple gift, carried by simply unadorned word, and my whole soul take in it: Where you feel the most, you don't know much to say.
Annette von Droste-Hülshoff

  • You know how I have always loved
    you you are the best ever!
  • Love, loyalty, kindness and understanding:
    You give all this year after year.
    That is why you should go to you today, thanks, worship - completely convertible.

  • I am thinking of you from afar today on Mother's Day.
    I thank you with heart and mind unchangeable: I like you!
  • I'm not just thinking about you today. No: All days are like Mother's Day for me. I'm your child!
  • Let yourself be pampered on Mother's Day with everything beautiful and with thanks and love!
  • Your love never knew barriers;
    Your loyalty is completely unchangeable.
    Let you, dear mother, thank you again today with all my heart! Take the best greeting from me: I thank you for what I am!
  • Because you're the best mother, I'll give you chocolate. And if you eat them alone, I think it's a shame!
  • On Mother's Day I wish you the best of luck in your life. And at school I also want to put a lot of effort into it.
  • Dear mother!
    Yes, on this day I realize in a special way what I owe you.
    And I say: Dearest mother, you are wonderful! Enjoy the day and feel delighted: Thoughts of love surround you today! I am still small and I certainly cannot know everything. But I know this: Without you, the family would be in a mess!
  • Thank you for everything you do! Stay healthy! And don't get sick!
  • I thank you so much in my life:
    You are the best that has ever existed!
  • Mother's Day is one of the most beautiful days.
    Even if there are only a few words that I wrote, each of these flowers should say warmly: Thank you so much! I love you!
  • Of course, I hope that this confectionery for Mother's Day is very pleasing - and tastes good! The sweet gift, even if it is small, should be a sign of my great love!
  • Unfortunately I can't be with you today; This is what the flower greeting is for. Love speaks from him and gratitude: You will always be my best!
  • Some scold loudly and as hard as possible: “Mother's Day? It only serves the business! ”But to me - believe me, you good one! - Honestly today in particular: What thanks and love every day I carry for you in my heart, I write particularly warmly today. Yes, you know how grateful I am to you! You know how warmly I like you; You don't need Mother's Day for that. Nevertheless, let me write to you today: thanks, love will always remain! In a nutshell, honestly clear: Mother, you are wonderful!
  • You, best mother, gave me life so wonderfully. You have given me support and comfort and have always lovingly directed me. I thank you! May fate prevail for a long time to come!
  • Without false smooching: it's good that you exist! And every day be taken care of!
  • With us, best mother, everything is “in butter”. To you, sweetie, go love, thanks, greetings! Love on command is pretty awful. Nevertheless, let me write this today: You are dear and you are unforgettable. Yes, it is, and it should stay that way! Let yourself be pampered today with everything beautiful as you deserve it. And I wish you (not only today) everything that your heart delights!

Mother's Day 2020 Wishes

Here you will find very personal wishes for Mother's Day, with which you will surely surprise your mother.
Thank you Mama!
We wish you a sunny, calm and happy Mother's Day!
I wish you the best for Mother's Day! Greetings from …
Dear mom, I wish you a great Mother's Day with a delicious breakfast and lots of sunshine!
It's still the most beautiful with mom! Much love for Mother's day!
On Mother's Day I just want to say thank you. Thanks for - everything!
Kind regards and a big thank you to the best mom in the world!
I wish you a great Mother's Day, stay the way you are. Greetings from
your ...
Dear mom, you are everything for us! We love you soooooo!
Greetings from ...
For Mother's Day I want to send you my dearest greetings and thank you for always being there for me!
Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in all matters. Such a great mom like you is unique in the world! I love you infinitely!
You deserve a day in the calendar. You should celebrate 365 days a year! Dear Mother's Day greetings from ...
Dear mom, on Mother's Day we wish you a wonderful day without stress and only with sunshine. Thank you for always being there for us!
No love goes as deep as a mother's love for her children. Thank you for proving this to us every day since we were born!
I am glad to have you as a mom, because who else would have been able to stand with me for so long? Best wishes for Mother's Day from ...
For Mother's Day I want to send you a huge bouquet of flowers and a card with all the best wishes. But also on all other days of the year my heart is always with you, dear mom!
If Mother's Day didn't already exist, I would invent it for you. Thank you for always standing by my side. Greetings from ...
Being a mother is not always easy. Today is the time for us to pat you hard on the back for all your accomplishments! Yes, and feel free to pat yourself on the shoulder, after all, it's Mother's Day today!
Urgent message to the best mother in the world: Always stay as you are, so happy, caring, funny and understanding, but also tough when it matters! Much love for Mother's day!
It is the very big challenges, just like the many, many small everyday tasks in which the true size of a mother lies. Since I can remember, you have mastered all maternal tasks with flying colors! Best wishes for Mother's Day from ...
Colorful flowers, great cakes, wonderful weather, happy family members, a hundred hearts, stunning hugs and we simply wish you a great day today! Enjoy Mother's Day, you truly deserve it!
Sometimes I wonder how you've always been so good with me? Even when I messed up, you always stood by me and accepted me as I am. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, not just today, but every day.
Yes, being a mother is a real full-time job. But let me tell you, even if it is not always as clear as it is today, we are grateful for and happy about every minute of your commitment and help! We only wish you the very best on Mother's Day!
Being a mother is still one of life's greatest challenges in the 21st century. You have always mastered all maternal tasks confidently, persistently, lovingly and with humor! Today is your special day, so I send you 1000 thanks and all the best!
You always helped me to take the right branches on my life path, always filled my tank when I did not know what to do. Today my path leads straight to you to say "Thank you!" to call and to bring you all the best wishes for Mother’s Day.
With howling attacks, whine attacks, endless question-and-answer games, full diapers, smeared faces and all kinds of other everyday adventures, you have always shown patience, perseverance, understanding, humor and care - that must be true love! We wish you all the best for Mother's Day!
You did so much for me and gave me so much love and support, actually I should send you a bouquet of flowers every day! But due to the logistical and financial problems that would be associated with it, today comes a very thick, very beautiful bouquet as a representative! Thank you for everything!
Today is your special day: Today you should be served breakfast, today you should just be allowed to sit in your favorite armchair, today you do not need to cook, do no laundry, do no shopping, do no windows cleaning, do not wash dishes or do other work! Isn't that nice? Feel hugged for Mother's Day!
Even if I was not aware of it as a child: You managed to have "Children's Day" 364 times a year, you took care of, bought, cooked, played, read aloud and, and, and. But once a year, there came a day when you were the center of attention and spoiled by the thread. Every year on this day I still think of you very firmly. Everything, everything, love for Mother's Day!
Some bad tongues say that Mother's Day was an invention of the flower and chocolate industry ... - even if: I think you should take every opportunity to say thank you for the day-to-day care of a sacrificing mother! On Mother's Day, but also the rest of the year. I think of you and wish you a fulfilled Mother's Day!
As a child you were "just" the most beloved mother. But now that I have children myself, I only really realize what you have done and how admirably you have accomplished the tasks of a super mom. I want to tell you wholeheartedly how much I appreciate all of this and how grateful I am to you for all the years of support and love! Everything, all love for Mother's Day!

Sayings and quotes for Mother's Day

Sayings can initiate and frame Mother's Day wishes.
A mother's love is not shared between the children, it multiplies.
(Maria Theresa)
A child without a mother is like a flower without rain.
(Indian saying)
With a childhood full of love, you can endure the cold world for half a lifetime.
(Jean Paul)
Mothers understand what children don't say.
(Jewish proverb)
There is only a very selfless, very pure, completely divine love. And that's the mother's love for her child.
(Georg Moritz Ebers)
A mother is not there to lean on, but makes it superfluous.
(Dorothy Fisher)
The pride of this world is the work of the mothers.
(Maxim Gorki)
What you get from your mother is stuck and cannot be excused.
(Wilhelm Raabe)
The child's future is the work of his mother.
Wandering the world, I found myself everywhere: No heart can love like a mother's heart.
(Friedrich Martin von Bodenstedt)
No cornucopia that rains from all treasures is richer than the mother's hand that blesses.
(Anastasius Green)
Motherly love is peace. It does not need to be acquired or earned.
(Erich Fromm)
The child is as sweet as the mother on earth. Yes, children, love the mother! Life does not bring you love that is as good as this.
Because God couldn't be everywhere, he created the mother.
(Arabic proverb)
No wisdom that can be learned on earth can give us what a word and a look from the mother gives.
(Wilhelm Raabe)
The mother's heart is the most beautiful and captive place of the son even if he already has gray hair - and everyone in the whole world has only one such heart.
(Adalbert Stifter)

Poems for Mother's Day

With a poem, your wish for Mother's Day becomes a very personal greeting.
Only a mother knows
what love means and be happy.
(Adelbert von Chamisso)
Dearest mom, one thing is true,
you were always there for me.
I thank you for the celebration,
because you are the very best.
Today, for this dear celebration,
I wish you the very best; May God give you
happiness, health and long life
(Folk estate)
Live happily, live cheerfully,
live healthily,
live many years!
Dear mother, live up!
(Folk estate)
The mother bears
the child three quarters of a year;
the mother carries
the child in her arms because it was still weak;
the mother
always carries the children in her heart .
(Friedrich von Logau)
Oh, if I were a little bird,
I know what I'm doing:
I learned songs
from morning to night .
Then I sit down where motherly
dear would be
and sing the songs
to her one after the other .
(Robert Reinick)
How often I saw the pale hands sew,
a piece for me - how lovingly you looked after!
I saw your eyes imploring the sky,
a wish for me - how lovingly you cared!
And you came to my bed with soft toes,
protection for me - how lovingly you looked after!
(Detlev von Liliencron)
No bird sits in fluff and moss
in its nest as warm
as I do on my mother's lap,
on my mother's arm.
And my head and foot hurts,
all pain disappears,
the mother kisses
me and presses me to her heart.
(Friedrich Wilhelm Gull)
When everything, everything leaves you,
when everything sways on earth,
motherly love remains firm, it
cannot be unfaithful.

And no matter how great the grief
sinisterly winds around you, lay your head piously only in the lap of
the mother, and it disappears.

Whatever your heart may tear,
whatever it is longing for -
motherly love heals the pain,
kisses the tear from your eyes.

Kisses your forehead the suffering,
White quickly banish the pain,
And shoo away any sadness
So easily, so gently from there.

When everything, everything leaves you,
when everything sways on earth,
Mother's love remains firm, it
cannot be unfaithful.
(Christoph von Mickwitz)

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